Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Short-Dog Tacos

   Would you eat your cat in an apocalypse? Our answer to that question was no. No, we would not eat our wonderful, little, grey, fluffy cat. No way, no how, nada. But the short dog........Maybe.
   I have a basset hound named Duke. He is short. He is stinky. He is slow. No, he will not catch the tennis ball. No, he will not fetch the stick. If you need him, he can usually be found asleep in his bed.

Meet Short-Dog!
   He's so happy to see you. He has many nicknames such as; Shortness, Short-Dog, Taco, Stinky, Frito, Frito Man, or Dookkus. We dubbed him Taco after we decided not to eat the cat. 

We were discussing what animals we would eat in an apocalypse, and Parker said, "Were not eating the cat." He hesitated. then shouted, " Short-Dog Tacos!"  So, no we will not eat the cat, but we might eat the dog.

.Parker said, "He's a hamster."

More hamster. 

Even though he is ugly, we love him. He is my Short-Dog Tacos. 
He is easy, laid back, and thinks he's a lap dog.
And we might eat him in an apocalypse.


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