Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! ;)

During school my Mom always tells me, "Don't write with exclamation points. They make you look like an amateur. What you write should be exciting enough that you shouldn't need one." I would have added some exclamation points in there, but didn't want to look like an amateur. She was an English minor in college, so any time we say something like, "That don't look right." or "That ain't funny." she goes full English teacher on us, telling us the proper thing to say, and how to say it.

If you are wondering why I put a random picture of a flower in this post my answer is, because it's pretty.

Nash is our mamma bunny. She's a chinchilla rabbit and goes for the taxing price of thirty dollars. She was bred with our manly, huge, rabbit known as Hulk, and produced 8 squirming, slimy, lumps.
We were so proud of our first time mamma bunny, until one stopped moving. Uh-oh. One died, then two. By the time number three died, we had decided that Nash was a serial killer. Those were the exact words my mom used in a post on her blog post and some one told us our problem. Nash was not in fact killing her babies, but when she would hop into the nesting box to feed them, they would still be attached to her as she left the box.

 We tried to save number four. We found him in the space in between the box and the cage. We held him in the warming rays of the heat lamp, and checked on him daily, but on day three he was lost to Elsewhere. The other four all lived and are currently fat and happy.

We all get to keep a baby bunny if we like, so I chose the little white one.

Meet Little Jerry Seinfeld.
The rabbit. We call him Jerry for short. I chose the solid white one from the start. We went up to look at them for the first time and I saw said, " I call dibs on the white one!"

I love you Jerry!

This is Pooh Tat. She is mamma to the other two cats we own. She is by far the favorite. She has many, many, nicknames, and I couldn't tell you all of them if I had to.  

 Pooh is a guy's cat. If she is given the choice between a guy, or a gal, she will always choose the guy. If my brother has one of his friends over to spend the night, she will sleep on their chest, right by their face. In the evening before bed, she can usually be found sleeping on dad's stomach.

This is my Mamma! I am so very blessed to have such a beautiful, funny, kind, easygoing mother.
She loves to work in her garden, and she loves to have fun. She is an amazing cook, and is teaching me to be one too. One time we were in the car and she said,"I think I just came up with my own motto." I looked over. "Oh? What is it" She turned to look at me, and with a huge smile announced,"If there's no food, and it's not fun I'm not going."

She will work in her garden all day, weeding, planting, and watering, and have fun doing it. She has a gift. I weed four garden beds and I'm done. She'll weed twenty one or more still having a good time.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! I love you!