Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Cute Schnookems, Norman

So I'm sure you're all wondering what the word "Schnookems" means. It is a word that we have created to describe my (not so) baby cow, Norman.

He is the cutest cow I have ever owned.

We,( I ),bottle fed him as a calf. He was less than a week old when we got him. At first the thought of bottle feeding my own baby cow sounded great! It would be like having a baby.
There he is! 

Look at my Schnookems. He got two bottles a day, one in the morning, and one at 2:00 pm.  As you can probably tell, this was the AM feeding, because I'm in my pajamas.  In this picture he was a week old.  

Today he is a little over 6 months old. My Schnookems is growing up!
This is Norman before his bottle.  He sees me coming.  He runs to the fence.  He bats his adorable giant eyelashes at me and says, "MOOOO!"  
After a feeding, this is what he would look like.                   what he would do when he had eaten all of his bottle, and wanted more.  He would lick, and nudge, and sniff me, looking for an udder.   
And while he was searching for an udder, he would smear milk foam all over me  .Mom thought it was   " cute ." Now he is growing up :(  Mom and Dad said that I had to go through an entire bag of milk replacer before I could stop bottle feeding him. That bag was never ending. 
I know what you are all thinking.
" Look how fuzzy he is!"  I know. He's cute. I'm glad I didn't decide to starve him as a baby. All of those bottle feedings wereworth it. Something funny I found out taking pictures of him is that he loves it. He loves the attention, and the people. It makes him feel like a superstar.
Look how sweet he is. Cute, little, schnookems, pumpkin.  We all love him. Mom says that he is going to turn mean, so I'm enjoying my sweet little boy while he's still nice. In case you didn't know, boy cows hit a point in their lives when, they decide that terrorising the girl that raised them, cared for them, and bottle fed them( ugh )was fun. He's turning. His subconscious was 
whispering "Cooommmee to the Darkkk Siiide."

 Choose life Norman!

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